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Welcome to

A subsidiary of Wholesale Specifiers Inc.

We are brand ambassadors/manufacturers representatives to the most revered Lighting, Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets, Vanities, Mirrors, Lamps, Seating, Case Goods, Accents, Ceiling Fans, Outdoor Furniture, Wall Art, Kitchen Cabinets, Toilets, Stainless Steel Sinks, Knobs & Pulls, Flooring, and Led Mirrors manufacturers 

Our Services

Our Focus

A versatile agency with a focus on all channels of distribution


Empowering Our Partners with Tailored Solutions: We meticulously curate, provide, and optimize products for public commercial applications, ensuring your needs are met


Having access to multiple resources empowers you to make choices based on factors such as quality, price, and inventory availability


Quality and Sophistication: Elevating Consumer-Oriented Products


Comprehensive Product Knowledge Base for Informed Material Selection


High-Quality Home Appliances at Unbeatable Prices with Immediate Availability


Proficient Product Selection: Balancing Quality and Budget-Friendly Options

Ready to set up a meeting?

While in-person gatherings are ideal, we also offer the convenience of arranging remote meetings. Additionally, you can find us at various industry trade shows like Lightovation, High Point Market, HD, Lightfair, and BDNY for face-to-face interactions

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